109 migratory bird species sighted in Bhitarkanika this winter- Survey

14 January, Kendrapada

A recent Mid winter waterfall migratory bird status survey carried out in Bhitarkanika National Park revealed the presence of as many 109 species of bird.DFO of Rajanagar Mangrove (forest) and wildlife Division, Bimal Prasanna Acharya said last year 87 bird species thronged to Bhitarkanika National Park.

As per the mid winter waterfall migratory Bird status survey report of, an estimated 76,268 numbers of birds were sighted by the Bhitarkanika National Park authority in the annual bird status survey carried out on January 12 last.

Altogether 16 enumerator teams were engaged in the mid winter waterfall migratory bird status survey this year, lesser whistling ducks have come in large numbers than other species.

As many as 20,765 number of lesser whistling ducks have arrived this time. While 70 numbers of grebes were sighted during the census. But bird species like pelican, flamingos and cranes were not sighted at the Bhtiarkanika National park protected areas. Four types of cormorants and darter species,12 types of herons, egrets and bittern species visited to the Park.Similarly, two types of Ibis and spoon bill species with a population of 982 thronged to the Bhitarkanika National park, Mr Acharya said.

He further said bird species like Finecot, Jacanas, Swallos, Wagtails, Pipits and Dippers also thronged to the Bhitarkanika National park to escape from harsh winter. At least six varieties of kingfishers with a population of 263 paid a visit to the Bhitarkanika National park, the DFO said, adding that some of the rare bird species, listed in the IUCN Red Data book, also spotted during the survey.

According to official sources, Avocet and Eurasian curlew, Black tailed Godwit,all winter migratory bird were sighted by the forest department during the status survey. The National Park is considered the transit point for the migratory bird species who throng in large numbers during the winter.

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