2000 year old inscriptions found in Karnataka

10 January, Madikeri

Ancient inscriptions that are1,900 to 2,000-years-old have been found on the stone slabs at anelevated place behind the building of the Federation of KodavaSamajas at Balugodu village in Virajpet Taluk.

The land belongs to the Federation and the stone slabs werediscovered by Nayakanda C Prakash, retired Deputy SuperintendingArchaeologist, Archaeological Survey of India. Mr Prakashspecialises in epigraphy.

Analysing the inscriptions, Prakash has opined that it could bethe second-third Century AD remains of Shathavahana rulers.

There are two mounds next to each other and there is a foundationstone that is made of ancient rocks, he said.

In one of the rocks, it has been written ‘Apavamacha’ and itlooked like it has been written in Brahmi script that was popularlyused during Shathavahana period. ‘Apavamacha’ could be the name of aprominent personality. ”This inscription proves that Shathavahanasexisted before Ganga dynasty rulers. The rocks have been inscribedafter bruising the surface,” he said.

Till now, it was believed that Gangas had a presence in SouthIndia. These Shathavahana Brahmi script inscriptions at Balugodushow that Shathavahanas had penetrated deep South in their conquest.The inscription has been found in a three-tiered structure with awall and this shows that it was an important building then, he added.

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