ACME launches new healthcare platform for quality treatment

17 April, Chennai

The Chennai-based ACME Consulting, the largest Healthcare Quality Advisory Group, Sunday launched a new Healthcare platform ‘QHEALTH4U’ for providing easy access to high quality healthcare exclusively from the NABH Hospitals in the country.

All the Hospitals showcased on this platform have been validated for clinical quality, good administrative practices and patient-friendly measures by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) and Healthcare Providers from the Union Government. This initiative from ACME Consulting was backed by the NABH and by AHPI –the Association of Healthcare Providers (India).

The national launch of QHEALTH4U was done today by Dr. K.K. Kalra, CEO of NABH. At the launch, all the NABH Accredited and Certified Hospitals of Chennai were felicitated with a Certificate of honour given by Dr Giridhar J Gyani, and present NABH Board Member and Director General of the AHPI.

Talking to reporters, ACME Managing Director B G Menon said the prime objective of QHEALTH4U’, was to make people aware of this stringent, very credible hospital quality standard that ensures that the best and safest level of patient care was provided. Dr. Kalra said by taking NABH to the people, a major change would happen in the way healthcare services in the country was being delivered.

”With better awareness, people would start demanding that their hospitals be NABH approved, thus bringing about an overall improvement of quality across healthcare providers. With about 500 NABH Hospitals across the country today, there is sufficient choice for the people to select from”, he added ”While we look for standards and certifications in the essential products we buy and services we seek, there is not enough awareness of such quality parameters that can be applied while seeking healthcare services. I am sure this innovative venture from ACME will educate people on the NABH quality standards and ensure they get quality healthcare at every stage from consultation to complete treatment,” Dr Giridhar Gyani said

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