Assam needs double engine at Centre & state for fast development — Modi

08 April, Guwahati

Listing out his development agenda, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday urged electorate to ensure clear majority for BJP led alliance in assembly polls in the state saying Assam needs double engine both at the centre and in the state to put it back on track fast paced development.

Concluding his whirlwind election campaign ahead of second phase of polls in Assam, Prime Minister Modi said,”few people are waiting in the wings for hung assembly and they want nobody should get majority so that they could make government dance to their tunes…I, pray to you all don’t take half hearted decision on the fate of Assam”.

“Give us a chance with full majority to serve you,” Modi said adding that `remote controlled’ government will destroy the state.In the second leg of campaign trail, Modi today addressed back to back four rallies and touched upon the host of issues afflicting the people starting from availability of electricity to potable water.Batting for same government at the centre and in state, Modi said,”Assam needs double engine one in Delhi and the other one here to pull it out from the deep ditch and put it back on track of fast paced development”.

Buoyed by the prospect of better than expected show in first phase of polls, the BJP led alliance turned Mr Modi’s last rally in suburban Guwahati into a show of strength. Galaxy of party leaders from North East including Arunachal Chief Minister Kalkio Pu, Minister of State for Home Kiran Rijjiju, DONER Minister Dr Jitendra Singh along with chief ministerial candidate Sarbananda Sonowal shared the dais.

Attacking former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his statement that his government believed in more work than mere talks, Modi said, “What he said was true and the scams of his period have started speaking now.””Manmohanji ne kahan ki zubaan se zyada kaam bolta hain aur ab toh aapka kaam bolne laga hain..,..Yeh toh saach hain ki paap bolte hain aur ab toh parche khulne lage hain aur sab pareshan hain (Manmohanji had said that work speaks more than words and now their work has started speaking. It is true that sins do speak, now the results of their misdeeds are out and all are perturbed)”, he said.

In an apparent dig at Singh, Mr Modi said the nation has suffered enough from ‘back-seat driving’ and asked people not to hand over the ‘remote control’ into anyone’s hands.”There are some people who are getting greedy that they will take advantage of a hung assembly and claiming they will run business. Should this be allowed ?”, he questioned “The country has suffered enough from this back-seat driving. Should Assam be allowed to be destroyed through this backseat driving..?..They are not interested in the country..,..Don’t give the remote control into anyone’s hands,” he said.

Hitting out at chief minister Tarun Gogoi, he said governance has been hit due to corruption and nepotism.”We are concerned about the sons and daughters of Assam, not the sons and daughters of a select few,” he said, taking a dig at Gogoi, whom he accused of being busy only in “settling” his son.”Three days are left (for polls) and there will people trying to spread lies and rumours. It is your task to counter them by going to every household and not be misled by them..,..If by chance in Assam an unstable government is formed, forces trying to break the country will try to benefit”, he added.

Raising the Saradha scam issue for the first time in Assam poll campaign, the Prime Minister said that the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana had been launched to ensure that such fraud did not take place in future..,..”The poor went to chit funds because they did not have access to the banks..,..It was my government that has stopped them from going to chit funds by allowing them to open zero-balance bank accounts under the PM Jan Dhan Yojana,” Modi told the election rally.

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