BJP Suggests Odd-Even Formula For Kejriwal; Odd Days For Allegations, Even Days For Work

30 December, New Delhi

Extending “a helping hand to sort out the problems” of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the BJP Wednesday suggested an odd-even formula for AAP government under which it said the party could keep odd days for “spit and run” tactics of leveling allegations and even days for doing some work for people who elected him.”

Seeing that Kejriwal and his partymen are busy holding press conferences with new allegations day in and day out, we have very useful idea for Kejriwal for his New Year resolution.Reserve odd days for spit and run tactics of leveling new allegations against the Centre and even days for some work for the Delhiites who have given him a mandate to do some work,” BJP leader Sidharth Nath Singh said here Wednesday.

“Instead of doing some work for the people who elected him, Kejriwal and his Aam Adami Party(AAP) leaders are busy inventing new allegation everyday to stay in news. That has become their full time occupation now,” Singh said.

Expressing frustration over the a barrage of allegations form Kejriwal, Singh said, “Some of them are so frivolous that you can not even accept or deny them.” Erstwhile Prime Ministership aspirant Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal has pulled all stops to “expose corruption” among the BJP leadership, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley as his favourite targets.

As the dirt-digging and mud slinging continues unabated, the BJP is trying hard to keep a straight face and had adopted the counter-tactics of deputing some small time Delhi state party leader to counter Kejriwal’s allegations.Mr Modi has not reacted to Kejriwal’s allegations despite latter’s best efforts.

However, Kejriwal faces two criminal defamation cases in Tis Hazari and Patiala House courts on 4 and 5 January.BJP’s odd-even suggestion comes as a twist of Kejriwal’s Odd-Even formula for pollution control under which odd number ending vehicles will ply on odd dates and and even on even an idea that has evoked mixed emotions among Delhiites.

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