China’s media warns India of ‘serious consequences’ of visa refusal to their journalists

25 July, New Delhi

Chinese media Monday warned India of serious consequences after New Delhi refused to renew the visa of three of its journalists.

State-run Global Times, in an editorial, said that the Indian decision would send negative messages and media communication between India and China would be negatively impacted.

”If New Delhi is really taking revenge due to the NSG membership issue, there will be serious consequences,” the Global Times said.

By opposing India’s Nuclear Suppliers Group entry, China is not being disrespectful to New Delhi because it obeys the rule that all members are required to be signatories to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the editorial further said.

The remarks came following reports that India had taken the decision not to renew the visas of three Chinese journalists after the Ministry of External Affairs got adverse reports about them from intelligence agencies.

The visas of Wu Qiang, Xinhua bureau chief in Delhi; Tang Lu, chief correspondent at the Mumbai bureau and She Yonggang, the agency’s reporter in Mumbai, had expired about four months ago and they were being given short extensions, and their latest term was expiring on July 31, beyond which it will not be extended.

The Global Times accused India of having a ”suspicious mind”. It said that Chinese reporters, whether they apply for a long-term or a temporary journalist visa, always came across many troubles, while in contrast, it was much easier for Indians to get a Chinese visa.

”China should stick to a friendly strategy toward India, as we believe bilateral friendship is in the interest of India as well. On the visa issue this time, we should take actions to display our reaction. We at least should make a few Indians feel Chinese visas are also not easy to get,” it added.

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