Cong Leader To Launch ”Kill Boars, Force Out Monkey” Movement

15 September,Dehradun

The animal-man conflict in Uttarakhand is taking alarming dimensions, specially in remote hill areas where the farmers have been forced to abandon agriculture due to attacks by monkeys and boars.

The menace has caused politicians to lend support to demand by villagers to rid them of the animals in these areas.

Senior Congress leader and vice president of the Council to Honour Statehood Agitation Activists Dhirendra Pratap has also come in strong support of the villagers and declared today that a movement kill boars and force out monkeys would soon be launched in the state.

Chief Minister Harish Rawat has already urged the Centre to allow declaring ‘boars and ‘Van Ros’ as vermins because of the vast damage they cause to crops.

Boars and monkeys are two animals who have caused maximum damage to the crops of farmers and he would meet Chief Minister Harish Rawat to urge him to make a detailed and effective plan to remove this problem that is forcing farmers to avoid tilling their fields, Pratap stressed.
Pratap, who was on a tour of Dhumakot in Pauri Garhwal district, also criticized the five BJP MPs for failing to take up important issues relating to the state with the BJP-led government at the Centre.

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