Consultant appointed for survey of bridges on NHs

07 August, New Delhi

The Centre has appointed a consultant to do a detailed survey and information about the bridges in all regions of the country, in the wake of an accident, caused by the collapse of a bridge on Savitri river on Mumbai-Goa National Highway in Raigarh district’s Mahad region of Mumbai.

According to official sources, the consultant has been appointed by the Road, Transport and Highway Ministry and the National Highways Authority of India.

The consultant has been directed to give suggestions to prepare a detailed report about all the bridges, culvert and underground drains, constructed on all important roads and national highways and other routes.

The government is of the view that with such comprehensive information it will have a list of bridges, culverts and underground drains, and on working on the list it will be able to prevent Mahad like accidents. All round information will be collected about the the enlisted bridges so that their construction date, renovation date and security measures can be in the know.

Amid this, International Road Federation working for ‘Road safety’ said in an official statement today that state governments too should prepare such a list about bridges after conducting surveys.The organisation has appealed to the government to direct the state governments and its agencies to conduct surveys to provide foolproof security to common man on the streets.Also, the Federation believes that by keeping a track record of bridges, number of casualties due to such accidents can be considerably reduced.

The organisation has also revealed that bridge account is kept in many countries of the world.The rule is that exact three months after the bridge has become operational or vehicles have started plying on it. It should be intricately and duly inspected. After this, after a gap of every two years, the bridges are examined from security point of view.

By following this mechanism, the safety of bridges can be ensured and Mahad type incidents can be avoided. The bridges can be given ratings too on the basis of the survey conducted.

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