CPI-M Plans Retirement Policy For Members

30 December, Kolkata

While asserting there was no age of retirement in the party, CPI-M politburo member Prakash Karat on Wednesday said the party will be coming out with a retirement policy for its members.

“We have about 10,358 whole time functionaries in the party and the allowance we give them is meagre. So we have discussed about their material needs and problems. We are working on a policy to provide for them once they retire,” Karat told media persons.

“There is no age of retirement in our party, but there are people who cannot work beyond a certain age and are fully dependant on the party. So when they stop working where will they go? So it’s an effort to provide them some kind of maintenance for their medical expenses and all,” he said.

Karat also said that states where the party is weaker have been directed to set up a corpus for the purpose.

Asked if the retirement for the members was voluntary, he said: “There is no age for retirement in the party. But there may be cases where we may have to tell a person to stop working owing to his health and age.”

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