Culling, trapping and sterilisation of monkeys : HP increases incentive amount

29 October, Shimla

Himachal Pradesh Government today announced to increase the incentives on sterilisation, culling and trapping of monkeys causing nuisance and damaging the crops in the state.

In a statement here, Forest Minister Thakur Singh Bharmouri said that monkeys were declared vermin in some parts of the state and government allowed selective culling and trapping of monkeys, today decided to hike the incentives on the facilitation in sterilisation, culling and trapping.

He said government would provide invitational cost of Rs 500 to culling a monkey increasing this amount from Rs 300 of earlier similarly it would has also hiked the invitational amounts to sterilised monkey from Rs 500 to Rs 700.

In special areas where monkeys live in colonies, the government would provide Rs 1000 per monkey to enable the wildlife officials to trap them.

Minister said that department would provide Rs 1000 to Village Forest Development or Joint Forest Management Committees for organising workshop on monkey menace in such areas where monkeys have been declared vermin.

Monkeys were declared Vermin in 38 sub-division of this hill state however people were not coming forward to cull them keeping high cost of ammunition used in the gun used by them moreover there are high risk of monkey bite during such action in the wild.

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