Delhi saved over Rs 350 cr on 5 flyovers: Kejriwal

17 July, New Delhi

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Sunday said his dispensation has managed tosave over Rs 350 crore in construction of five flyovers in the national capital since his party came at the helm in February, 2015.

Kejriwal, while interacting with the people in his first session of “Talk to AK” said, ”Some under construction flyover projects were yet to be completed when AAP government came to power. Those projects were completed before schedule and Rs 350 crore were saved. This is unprecedented in a country, where government projects are delayed by years. The AAP government managed to change all of it.”

He said the government also cut tax rates to reduce the burden on businessmen.”As hundreds of crores were saved, we cut the tax rates. Also, tax collection went up after tax rates were reduced,” he added.The Chief Minister also said that his government laid emphasis on four sectors – education, health, electricity and water.”Although the government has worked on many sectors, but the main priority is on four sectors – education, health, electricity and water. We believe that spending on health and education is not an expenditure, but an investment.”

The government would not have to worry about development when the youth of the country is educated, as they themselves will take the country on the path of development and progress. Therefore, the budget on education was doubled by 100 per cent and health by 50 per cent,” Kejriwal noted.

The government has launched a website, ”” , through which people can directly ask questions to the Chief Minister. A Twitter handle, “@TalkToAK_” has also been created for the programme.The move is significant as AAP is gearing up for Assembly elections in Goa, Punjab and Gujarat.

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