Exit polls predict sweep for BJP in Himachal, comfortable win for party in Guj

14 December, New Delhi


The BJP is all set to sweep the assembly polls in North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and is expected to retain power in Gujarat, as per the findings of the various exit polls.

The exit polls show that BJP is likely to win in Gujarat with a comfortable majority in a fiercely contested assembly elections, braving a two decade old incumbency in the state.

According to Times Now-VMR Exit Poll, the saffron party is likely to win 109 seats in 182-member assembly as against 70 by Congress, while another exit poll by Republic TV-C-Voter gave BJP 108 seats and the Congress only 74.A poll by TV 9 gave 108 seats to the BJP as against 74 by the Congress while a poll by ABP news predicted 117 seats for the BJP and 64 for the Congress.

An exit poll by News X predicted 110-120 seats for the BJP and 65-75 seats for the Congress while the India Today exit polls gave 99-113 seats for the BJP and 58-82 seats for the Congress .The Congress is out of power in the state since 1995 and had put up a valiant fight in this year’s elections.

The Congress campaign banked hugely on anti-GST mood among traders in the western state even as caste leaders like Hardik Patel had backed the Opposition party.

The exit polls predicted a sweep for the BJP in Himachal.As per the India Today-Axis My India exit polls, the BJP is likely to get between 47 to 55 seats, while the ruling Congress in the state is set to lose heavily managing only 13 to 20 seats.

The difference of nine per cent votes has made all the difference in the two-party contest.The Zee news axis exit polls predicted 51 seats for the BJP and 17 for the Congress while the News X exit polls predicted 42-50 seats for the BJP and 18-24 for the Congress.

The Times now VMR exit polls predicted 51 seats for the BJP and 16 seats for the Congress.The Congress presently has 36 seats in the existing Assembly.

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