Explosive inside Assembly: NIA to probe, stringent security announced

14 July, Lucknow

The case of explosives found inside the premises of Assembly was handed over to the National Investigation Agency(NIA) and several stringent measures to step up the security measures inside and outside the House were announced Friday.

A proposal to this effect was moved by Chief Minister Yogi Aditynath in the House when it met in the morning. Later, Speaker Hridya Narain Dikshit made the announcement amid thumping of desks.

The Speaker announced that the case would be handed over to the NIA which will investigate the conspiracy behind the incident. He also appealed to all the Members to cooperate with the security system.

He also said now the security of the House — inside and outside — would be manned by policemen and body scanners would be placed at all the entry points. Frisking of the MLAs would also be done along with other persons who enter the assembly premises.

“All entry passes of unknown persons would be cancelled while the vehicles passes would be given only to the MLAs. All the employees would go for police verification while the parking of the vehicles of the MLAs would not be done at Lok Bhavan,” he said.

The Chief Minister also demanded strict action against the conspirators and demanded that assembly should go for stringent security measures.

He informed that on July 12 morning, a small packet was detected by the security personnel under the chair of the opposition bench. Later, the Forensic Science Laboratory confirmed that it was the most powerful explosive material known as PETN of around 150 grams which could have proved to be very fatal.

“Entry inside the assembly was only restricted to the members and security personnel or employees hence it was a matter of investigation that how the explosive was brought inside,” he questioned while appealing that arrangements should be made so that the members can keep their bags and mobile phones outside the House.

”When no one has objection on the frisking at the airports, hence for our own security, frisking should be done here also to avoid any such threat by terror organisations,” Mr Adityanath said.

Leader of the Opposition Ram Govind Choudhury and his colleagues too supported the security measures announced by the Speaker.

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