Google Promises Wi-Fi To 100 Railway Stations In India

16 December, New Delhi

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Wednesday briefed about the company’s partnership with the Indian Railways and said that 100 railway stations will have Wi-Fi by December 2016.

Pichai said Mumbai Central will be the first railway station to get Wi-Fi.

Internet major Google and state-run RailTel Corp of India have joined hands to equip 400 railway stations in the country with high speed Wi-Fi networks, making it one of the largest public Wi-Fi projects in the world.

The Wi-Fi project was announced by Pichai after his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Google is also upgrading its Indian maps.

“The user community has helped them map a city like Madurai. It is the map maker here in India that taught Google that the community should be critical part in other sectors of the world as well,” Pichai said.

Offline maps too have been introduced in the country as many still are on 2G connection.

“Users can download the map when they have connectivity and then use the maps when in a patchy or with no connectivity,” he added.

India is in the top five countries that download the map and use them in offline mode

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