Haryana Govt. Starts Excavation Work To Revive River Saraswati

22 April, Chandigarh

In Haryana, the excavation work to revive the ancient river Saraswati has started in the village of Rolaheri in Yamunanagar district. South Indian Scholar Dr Ratnakar has shown deep interest in initiating work on the project.

Haryana Government has prepared a Rs 50 crore ‘Saraswati Revival Project’ for it however the initial excavation work have been taken up under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.

Haryana Vidhansabha Speaker Kanwar Pal said that it is believed that our great saints had scripted valuable Vedas and scriptures by the shores of the Saraswati river. The efforts made by Dr Ratnakar, and later by Darshan Lal Jain, and scientific research proved that Saraswati river is flowing below the earth.

In the first phase, the Saraswati river would be excavated in eight villages from Rola Heri to Sandhai.

He said that it has been proposed that a check dam would be constructed on Somb river to store rain-water and divert it to Saraswati. I

t has also been proposed that a reservoir would be constructed in the village of Chhallour over an area of 400 acres. The technical survey of the dam and reservoir is being conducted by the Irrigation Department.

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