Hockey: HI Announces New Rules For HIL 2016

14 September, New Delhi

In a bid to make Hockey India League (HIL) competitive and intense, the Governing Committee headed by Narinder Batra Monday announced the new rules and regulations for the upcoming league, starting from here.

As per new rules, two goal points will be given for every field and penalty-stroke goal scored other than resulting from penalty corner, where a goal being scored is prevented by a deliberate foul.

The rest of the goal-scoring point system remains the same, where penalty corner goals, goal scored from a Penalty Stroke resulting from a Penalty Corner (where a goal being scored is prevented as a results of the ball hitting a foot or body) as well as a goal from a direct shoot-out and Penalty Stroke goals in a shoot-out competition will be considered as 1 goal point.

At the launch of the HIL here, Batra also informed mediapersons that the new goal-scoring system was approved by the FIH Competitions Committee and Rules Committee. ” The new system will encourage teams and players to play to score goals instead of looking for penalties,” said he.

‘The new goal-scoring system is approved by FIH, and it will surely enhance players skills and mentality of playing good hockey,” he added. Apart from the goal-scoring system, franchisee’s will also have 20, instead of the usual 24 players, in their squad. It will be a composition of 12 Indian and eight foreign players per side.

The squad must have minimum of two goalkeepers sitting on the bench and all the players of 20-member squad will be mentioned in the match sheet and must be present at their respective team’s dug-out during the HIL matches.

Total of 135 Indian and 141 foreign players will go under the hammer in the players auction for the upcoming edition of the HIL, slated for September 17.

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