India amongst top 3 countries in terms of people’s trust in govt

14 July, New Delhi

India is one of the leading countries, where people have a high degree of trust in their government, according to a statement published by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD).

In the survey, it was found that 73 per cent of Indians trust the present Narendra Modi led NDA government, the OECD report said.The Swiss government’s score is highest with 80 per cent of its people voting for it followed by Indonesia where 79 per cent of people expressed trust in their government.

However, the Donald Trump led US government has bagged only 30 per cent of their citizen’s trust , the OECD report said. According to the report, the word “Trust” can be defined as “positive perception about the actions of an individual or an organisation”.

The report further says that the positive perception is determined by specific assessment of individuals.The report has the data collected by Gallup World Poll (GWP), which collects evidence from perception surveys to measure the level of trust on an annual basis for OECD countries.

The collection method is “based on proportional stratified probability sampling” and a sample size of around 1000 citizens.

The report further says the limitation on its research method is that that the data is measured on the basis of a single question of whether people trust or do not trust their national government, while does not include any particular areas of governance in its ambit.

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