India To Extend All Support To Nepal In Wake Of Earthquake : S Jaishankar

25 April, New Dedlhi

India will extend all support to Nepal in the wake of massive earthquake.

Briefing media in New Delhi this evening, Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar said, several helicopters will be send to Nepal today and tomorrow along with food supplies and essential technical help. The Foreign Secretary said, C-130 aircraft is on it’s way to Nepal and will be landing in Kathmandu shortly.

It is carrying 3 tonnes of supplies and 40 NDRF personnel. Two more aircrafts will fly off later today, carrying NDRF teams. Replying to a media query, Jaishankar said, Nepalese Govt has asked for help with rescue and medical teams.

He said, India will also provide its expertise in the damage assessment. He said, Indians who are stranded in Kathmandu and want to get in touch with family in India can contact India’s Embassy in Kathmandu. He also said that Indian embassy has some damages.

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