International Teams Join Rescue ,Relief Operation In Quake Hit Nepal

26 April, Kathmandu

Rescue efforts intensified, with international teams including from India sifting through tonnes of rubble in search of survivors in the Himalayan nation’s worst temblor in over 80 years.

The earthquake and the after shocks left behind a trail of death and destruction, flattening houses and buildings, including the iconic Dharhara tower and the landmark Darbar Square in the heart of the capital, trapping scores of people.

Thousands of people spent last night in the open in chilly weather, anticipating more after shocks. The number of injured reached 4,627 till this morning. Around 1,000 people are reported killed in the Kathmandu Valley alone.

Officials fear the death toll could rise as desperate search for survivors continued. As many as 17 Mount Everest climbers, including foreigners, were reportedly killed in an avalanche triggered by the earthquake, the worst in over 80 years of Nepal’s recorded history.

According to reports, the route to the base camp has been destroyed and the Indian Air Force choppers were trying to rescue the survivors, around 100 in number who were said to be safe. Two Indians, including the daughter of an Indian embassy employee, were among those killed in the powerful earthquake, an Indian embassy official said.

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