ISRO’s PSLV-C29 Successfully Launches 6 Singapore Satellites

16 December, Sriharikota

Idia’s most successful rocket launcher Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) Wednesday made another perfect launch putting in near earth Orbit six satellites from Singapore after a textbook launch of PSLV-29.

The rocket with the lift-off mass of 227.6 tonne has undertaken its journey in a core-alone configuration as the total payload weight is just above 600 kg.

This is the sixth fully commercial launch by ISRO, which has put into orbits 51 foreign satellites successfully so far.

On a sultry evening, even as sun set on the other side, the PSLV blasted off majestically from the ISRO spaceport here in Sriharikota, a crescent shaped island facing Bay of Bengal on the East.

The clear sky helped a large number of scientists, ISRO workers another onlookers watched the flame emanating from the 44 metre tall,226 ton tonne heavy rocket for quite some time.

Later, the first stage of the rocket was separated successfully and the heat shield discarded as the spacecraft escaped the gravity with an urgent speed

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