Jaitley Slams Kejriwal For Using ‘Vulgar’ Language Against PM

24 December, New Delhi

Launching a scathing attack on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley accused him and his Aam Aadami Party (AAP) members of using vulgar language against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, inside and outside the Delhi Assembly.

“People in positions are expected to act with restraint. They cannot be outlandish. Vulgarity is not a right available to them. The political discourse cannot be couched in vulgar language,” Jaitley wrote in a Facebook post titled ‘Vulgarity.'”Lumpenisation of public discourse can never be high point of politics.

Functionaries of the Delhi Government and its supporters have lowered the level of political discourse. They rely heavily on general falsehood without ever stating the specifics,” Jaitley pointed out.

Taking a dig at the Congress, Jaitley said,”The Aam Aadmi Partys success in Delhi seems to have misled the Congress Party that vulgarity brings votes.”Contrasting Kejriwal’s conduct to that of the BJP members, Jaitley said his party member has shown remarkable discipline when reprimanded for using loose language

.”Some months ago a few Members of the Bharatiya Janata Party made statements which were not appreciated even by the Party. The Party President cautioned them and advised them to refrain from making such statements. The result of the caution are visible,” he said.

Reacting to CBI raids in his principal secretary’s office on December 15, Kejriwal had called Modi a “coward and psychopath” drawing applause from Modi’s arch-rivals and condemnation as well. Kejriwal was also lauded by Pakistan based Mumbai terror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed who said,”Finally, Some good Indians accepted this fact. Thankyou, Kejriwal.”

Kejriwal now faces criminal defamation case for his remarks against the Prime Minister in Tis Hazari court on January 4. Next day he is likely to appear in another criminal defamation case in Patiala House court filed by Mr Jaitley for accusing him of a scam in DDCA. In both cases he might have to seek bail.

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