Kamal’s indirect jibe at Rajini

02 October Chennai


In what could be seen as a veiled attack on his good friend Superstar Rajinikanth for his remarks that name and fame along would not suffice for success in politics, thespian Kamal Haasan Monday took the social media to air his views.

In a tweet that was directed at Rajinikanth, Kamal said ‘First they ignore you then they laugh at you then they fight you and then you win- Gandhi ji His words impart strength we need now”.

He was probably reacting to Rajini’s remarks at the Sivaji Ganesan memorial unveiling event yesterday that name and fame alone would not suffice for political success.

“There is something more needed to be successful in politics, and only the public knows what it is”, Rajini had said in a lighter vein, apparently referring to Kamal’s decision to take the political plunge.

Kamal had been hinting about his political entry in every platform, but he chose to remain silent yesterday and did not react to Rajini’s remarks.

It all started when Kamal, while participating in DMK mouthpiece Murasoli’s 75th anniversary fete, had an indirect dig at Rajinikanth for not speaking on the event, saying, ”When I was invited for the event, I asked whether Rajinikanth is also coming. They said that he is attending the event, but he decided not to speak.”

”I then agreed to do the same and decided to sit  next to him hoping that I’ll not end up in any trouble. But later after a little introspection, I knew that I would be a fool if I miss the chance to speak at such a wonderful event”, Kamal said last month. ”I decided that more than self-security and selfdefence, self-respect is important”, Kamal said.

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