KIMS hospital hold live workshop, train doctors on new technique to treat ENT diseases

25 July, Hyderabad

KIMS Hospital has conducted a one-day live workshop session yesterday where it has trained doctors on a relatively new technique to treat ENT diseases through Coblation-Assisted surgeries.

Nearly about 100 junior doctors from regions across South India had participated in the session dealing all about the advanced electro surgery procedure which is minimally invasive, the Hospital said in a statement here Monday.

Coblation technology is a new age surgical methodology, which is used to cut unwanted spongy bones or tissues that are obstructive in nature using low thermal technology.

Speaking at the session Dr. Janardhan Rao Jagini, Honorary Consultant, KIMS Hospital and also the Course Director for the workshop said “Nearly 10 per cent of children would have to some extent sleep apnea problems, which is a common breathing disorder
involving blockage of the airway during sleep and is characterized by loud snoring and restless sleep.
The coblation technique is extremely useful in such cases, as it significantly reduces complications in terms of both bleeding and pain.”

“Conducting this educational workshop for the first time at KIMS has surely seen the light of success, as we have overall improved the level of awareness and help them in learning curve amongst the doctors who participated,” he added.

The LIVE workshop was organized by KIMS hospital’s Department of ENT, Head & Neck Surgery in collaboration with the Association of Otolaryngologists of India, Hyderabad Branch and Smith and Nephew Healthcare.

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