Manik Sarkar’s CM candidature irks LF partner in Tripura

05 September,Agartala


Left front partner RSP expressed anguish over the announcement of Manik Sarkar’s name as Chief Ministerial candidate for upcoming Tripura assembly election by CPI(M) last week.

RSP General Secretary Sudarshan Bhattacharjee took an exception over the statement of CPI(M)state Secretary Bijan Dhar and termed it as “immature and short sighted” act of the party. “The chief ministerial candidate has to be decided in the partners’ meeting. Of course being the major constituent CPI(M) has the privilege to nominate their candidate as Chief Minister. But without any discussion how come CPI(M) secretary said anybody’s name and I feel it is not expected from any left party,” Bhattacharjee said.

He however, pointed out that in fronts’ meeting they would seek clarification over the statement and also indicated that such announcement before election would have a negative impact. Bhattacharjee further banded CPI(M) as “friends of capitalist” referring CPI(M)’s electoral alliance with Congress in last assembly election and added, “CPI(M) is always doing the mistakes and later they repent, which has become a character of the party.”

Left front never announced the name of chief ministerial candidate without detail discussion among the partners after the election but the statement announcing Manik Sarkar’s name well ahead of the election was unusual and surprising, he added.

Earlier, CPI(M) secretary  Dhar told media that ruling CPI(M) in Tripura has decided to project Manik Sarkar as chief ministerial candidate for the state assembly polls due in early next year and asserted that 8th left front government would form under the leadership of  Sarkar.

He further attributed that  Sarkar was reluctant to contest election but had to agree following the party’s decision. The party rank and file was confused over re-election of  Sarkar after the party denied the candidature of CPI(M) national secretary Sitaram Yechuri in Rajya Sabha from West Bengal with the help of Congress.

However, Dhar had admitted that forging alliance with Congress in West Bengal election against Trinamool was probed wrong and last party congress had decided to keep equal distance from both Congress and BJP.

“The case of Manik Sarkar as Chief Minister for the 5th term is not fit to the reasons why  Yechuri was denied in contest.  Sarkar is one of the successful Chief Ministers of the country and there is no reason to replace him. He will contest in the election and if party wins he will be the chief minister,”  Dhar added.

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