MCI directs cancellations of 500 admissions in UP, TN medical colleges

04 April, New Delhi

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has directed some private colleges in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu to cancel admissions of around 500 students who had allegedly not appeared for NEET exam last year.

According to a MCI secretary, Dr. Reena Nayyar , these admissions are suspected to be back door admissions allegedly done after receiving capitation fees as these states are among those who had opted for NEET.

Dr Nayyar said the monitoring committee of MCI found that these institutes have admitted students who did not appear for the NEET exam despite opting for it.

The Centre had last year given state governments the option to either conduct their own exams or opt for NEET to fill undergraduate seats.

The Dental Council of India (DCI) is also examining the admissions in dental colleges across India, according to DCI sources in New Delhi.

The government, through NEET, is aiming to bring in more transparency and eliminate the practice of capitation fee charged by private colleges.

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