Modi Blasts Western Powers For Questioning India Over Global Warning , Carbon Emission

14 April, Berlin

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India’s stand on crucial global conference on climate change in Paris will be consistent with its culture.

Blasting at the Western powers for questioning India over global warming and cut carbon emission even though its per capita gas emission is the lowest, Modi said, it is in our DNA to respect and preserve the nature.

He was speaking at a reception in his honour in Berlin last night. Underlining that India should lead the way to deal with climate change, the Prime Minister said, India will set the agenda for the upcoming Conference of Parties to be held in Paris in September.

Linking India’s economic progress to national self-respect, Prime Minister said, the country has huge potential of becoming a manufacturing hub and asked the Indian professionals in Germany to act as a “bridge” between the two countries.

He said India has the potential to achieve tremendous growth and it should become a giver than being a taker. Modi called upon the Indian Engineers and professionals working in Germany to contribute in the field of renewable energy.

He cautioned that if we fail to achieve our goal to make in India, we have to suffer for generations to come. Appealing for a balance approach, he suggested that country should give equal importance to agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors.

Prime Minister called upon the Indian diaspora to contribute in these sectors. He said that Indian diaspora can also contribute in enhancing tourism in India. Condoling the death of Nobel Laureate Guenter Grass, Prime Minister said that Guenter Grass’s work has inspired not only Indians but across the world.

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