Modi calls for unity against terror, climate change and protectionism

23 January, Davos


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday gave a clarion call tothe international community to come out of “narrow domestic walls” and unite againstthe dangers of terrorism, climate change and increasing protectionism.

“Let us create a ‘heaven of freedom’, where there is cooperation and not division, and fractures,” Prime Minister said in his plenary address at the World Economic Forum’s48th annual meet here.

Speaking on the theme of ‘Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World’, he said,India always stood for global peace and democracy and diversity have been India’sinherent strength.”India has always considered the world as one family,” he said adding all fissures and disputes can be resolved through dialogue.

Quoting profusely from Upanishads and ancient texts in his hour-longaddress, Prime Minister said, “Let all be happy, all be healthy and all be in peace”. “Our talent as individuals and nations should bloom together,” Prime Minister said pointing out that democracy has been the philosophy of life and part of “larger vision”.

He asserted that India has never eyed “exploitation of natural resources” of others.

Countering a series of problems and hurdles due to contracting globalisation was not in seeking “isolation” of countries but in understanding and accepting the change by creating smart and flexible policies.”Protectionism is raising its head against globalisation,” Prime Minister said, adding due tothis trend the bilateral and multi-national trade negotiations have almost come to a standstill.

“There is a virtual halt to the global supply chains and trade between two countries andneighbours are also facing similar situation,” he said.

Quoting Lord Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, the Prime Minister told global corporate honchos that India is a predictable, stable and progressive nation.”If you want wealth with wellness, health with wholeness and prosperity with peace, come to India,” Prime Minister told the distinguished gathering.

Without naming any country, Modi made a veiled attack on Pakistan and said morethan the terror itself, the threat posed by those who try to create ”artificial” differences between good terrorists and bad terrorists is emerging as much bigger threat.”Terrorism is a challenge to the entire humanity….another area of major concernis radicalisation of well educated youth towards terrorism,” he said.

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