National Homeopathy Meet In Kerala On Sunday

12 September, Kozhikode (kerala)

Scientists, doctors and researchers are set to participate in a day-long national Homeopathy Convention to be held here on Sunday.

Among various interesting subjects on which papers will be presented at the convention would be the subject of anti-viral action of homeopathic dilutions derived from snake venom.

The papers will include one by A.R. Khuda Bukhsh, a molecular biologist and one of the most popular homeopathic researchers who has demonstrated anti-cancer effects of homeopathy in cell line studies. He will present a few of his recent studies.

Ramesh Ummanni of the Center for Chemical Biology, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology and S.Praveen Kumar, who has conducted research on the action of Crotalus Horridus in homeopathic dilution of 30 potency on reverse transcriptase enzyme involved in multiplication of HIV, Ebola and Hepatitis B viruses would be making a presentation on it.

B.M. Hegde, medical scientist and former vice chancellor of Manipal University, would deliver the keynote address.

R.S. Dinesh from the Kerala Health Services will present a paper on the review of observational studies conducted on efficiency of homeo-prophylaxis in communicable diseases like chikungunya, dengue fever and other viral fevers in Kerala in the past decade.

The programme is being organised by the Global Homeopathy Foundation in association the Department of Ayush.

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