Negative Politics Would Make Congress a Relic Of The Past: Modi

11 September, Dehradun

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday warned the Congress party that if it continued its negative politics and refused to accept the strong public mandate for a chaiwala, it would soon be reduced to a relic of the past.

Addressing a rally at Rishikesh, during his first visit to Uttarakhand after assumingoffice, Modi hit out at the Opposition party for stalling Parliament, and said it was a vindictive act.

”Congress, which has a feudal mentality, is bent upon taking revenge from people the and punishing them by putting hurdles on their progress. But people would also not spare it any more,” he added.

Negative politics, the Prime Minister said, had reduced the Congress from 400 to 40 seats in the House of the People and if it did not mend its ways, it would be reduced to become a matter of interest for the Archaeological Survey of India.

Modi also said he could not repay the affection showered on him by the people of the state, who had given all five Lok Sabha seats to BJP in Uttarkhand.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister underscored the contribution of the state, known as ”Vir bhumi” to the defence forces and said he had kept his promise of One Rank One Pension made during election campaigns here, even though it meant a burden of Rs 10,000 crore instead of Rs 500 crore projected by the previous Congress government.

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