Nepal Quake Toll Goes Up To 6100

30 April, Kathmandu

Police in Nepal says 6100 deaths have so far been reported due to the devastating earthquake in the country. Over eleven thousand people have been injured.

Meanwhile, heavy rain affected relief and rescue operations in places including Kathmandu. As a result, multi-national rescue teams found it difficult to locate survivors of the disaster. However, aid has begun reaching remote regions near the epicentre of the quake such as Dhading and Gorkha.

Five days after a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, anger spilled on to the streets in Kathmandu Wednesday .

Thousands of people, who have been staying in the open, clashed with police and seized water-bottles and other essential supplies complaining that they were not getting any aid.

Protests greeted Nepalese Prime Minister Sushil Koirala when he visited relief camps to assess the situation. Koirala assured the people that help would reach them at the earliest.

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