New portable Solar panel in market which can charge laptops, run CD players, radios

31 July, Lucknow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Start Up India’ initiative has encouraged a practitioner dentist to become an entrepreneur in the field of alternative energy, who has discovered a unique portable solar panel which can give both AC/DC power backup to light up rural areas in Uttar Pradesh.

Dr Ajay Kumar, a BDS dentist from the renowned KGMU here, has innovated a new solar panel device with the help of his friends from the IIT Kharagpur and Mumbai. Now the model is being introduced in the state markets with the brand name K C Solar.

The unique solar panel can charge laptops, besides it can run mosquito repellents, CD players and Radios/FM through its AC output.

Addressing reporters here today, Dr Kumar, said it could be one of the first such solar panel, which has 12 hours backup by charging just 5-6 hours. It would be unique that the solar panel and the dry battery is one unit and it is like a brief case, which can be carried anywhere.

” This solar system could be good for anyone going to rural areas, picnic and keeping it for emergency during the time of load shedding,” he said.

The dry battery life is around 2 years with the solar panel needing change only after 20 years. The panel can take load up to 80 watts.

Dr Kumar said that though the price of the entire system is Rs 12,999 which includes one LED bulb and a DC table fan, the customer also gets Rs one lakh accidental insurance for five years.
The BPL card holders get Rs 500 subsidy.

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