NGRI To Study April 25 Earthquake In Nepal To Identify Quake prone Areas

29 April, Hyderabad

Additional- incharge of National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) Hyderabad, Mohan Rao has said that their scientists will study last week’s powerful earthquake in Nepal with an aim to identify quake prone areas.

He said NGRI teams are going to the Nepal border to study the characteristics of this quake and its aftershocks using seismic data and field mapping in the coming days.

The aim is to assess the seismic hazard. He said the information and knowledge obtained through the analysis would be helpful in understanding the earthquake dynamics and identify the earthquake-prone areas. The information would also be useful in taking decisions on locating sensitive installations like nuclear power plants.

He however stressed that there was no way earthquakes can be predicted and the need was to take adequate measures to mitigate loss of life and property during such catastrophe. He also highlighted the need for quake-resistant construction technologies. NGRI is presently operating a network of seismograph stations along the Himalayan belt.

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