Odisha govt approves policy for installation of mobile towers, laying of optical fibre cables

05 September, Bhubaneswar


The Odisha cabinet Tuesday approved a proposal to formulate a policy for the installation of Mobile towers, laying of Optical Fibre Cable and related Telecom Infrastructure to facilitate operators to establish their telecom infrastructure in the state.

After the cabinet meeting Odisha Chief Secretary A P Padhi said the Mobile Towers, Optical Fibre Cable and Related Telecoms Infrastructure Policy 2017 will streamline the process of application and grant of permission in reasonable time frame, liberal permission fees and rationalization of procedure.

The policy covers the modalities for installation of mobile towers, cell on wheel , micro cell, in building solutions and optical fibre laying and setting up of end equipments.

The policy would streamline the process of application and grant of permission for installation of telecom infrastructure in both rural and urban areas.

Special provision has been made in the policy for KBK and Left Wing Extremist affected areas.It will help in establishment of modern telecommunication infrastructure to provide high speed internet in rural areas and will improve terrestrial broadband connectivity both in rural and urban areas.

The policy has also provision for the formation of District level Telecoms committees and state level telecom committee to deal with public grievances relating to installation of towers and issues related to telecom infrastructure.

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