Pema Khandu sacks 3 ministers, 5 Parliamentary Secretaries from his cabinet

02 January, Itanagar

In Arunachal Pradesh, Chief Minister Pema Khandu has dropped three ministers from his cabinet and five Parliamentary Secretaries.

The cabinet ministers are Takam Pario, Tanga Byaling and Rajesh Tacho. The dropped Parliamentary Secretaries are Mutchu Mithi, Markio Tado, Tirong Aboh, Dikto Yekar and Nikh Kamin.

Khandu has also dropped Kameng Dolo and Tapang Taloh from their post of Principal Advisor and Advisor to Chief Minister, respectively.

Governor V. Shanmuganathan on the advice of the Chief Minister had issued a notification regarding the withdrawal of these Ministers on Saturday last. These dropped MLAs are from PPA who has not joined BJP with the Khandu faction.

This dropping of Ministers from their post comes after a short political tussle which arose after Chief Minister Pema Khandu and 6 others were suspended from People’s Party of Aruanchal on Thursday for allegedly being involved in anti-party activities.

PPA President Kahfa Bengia in a notification had also informed that Pema Khandu ceases to be the Leader of the Legislature Party and declared Takam Pario as the next leader. Following which on Saturday, Chief Minister Pema Khandu and 32 other Legislators from PPA join BJP to install a Lotus Government in the state. Now, in the 60 member house BJP has 45 MLAs.

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