Philanthropic organisations have to build up an environment of trust: Premji

06 March,Bhubaneswar


Government and Non Government Philanthropic collaboration can enhance the community access to service delivery and set path to sustainable development said renowned philanthropist Azim Premzi.

Delivering his speech at the 15th Odisha Knowledge Hub lecturer series on Tuesday Mr Premji said philanthropic organizations have to build up an environment of Trust and exhibit their commitment through work.

The Philanthropic and Government bodies together have to institutionalize the developmental and service delivery initiatives for making those sustainable.

He also opined that government system is the largest and permanent system. Philanthropic initiatives need to be mainstreamed through alignment with governmental efforts.

He said there are a number of NGOs in Odisha who have commitment to serve and also have the ability to scale up their activities.

Citing the example, he said that Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiative (APPI) worked with around 120 Non-profit NGOs in Odisha and their performance have been found satisfactory.

Responding to the queries Mr Premzi said youth of today need to be infused with values like honor and respect for the society. They have to inculcate the spirit of integrity,sublimity and concern for others before joining as professionals in NGO and philanthropic sector.

Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi said a common Multi sectoral Nutrition Plan of action have been prepared and launched in association with the Premji foundation to increase the nutrition level of the children.

Ten departments dealing with food and nutrition security activities have introduced Common Result Framework for implementation of the action plan with defined goals and benchmarked landmarks, he added.

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