PM Modi addresses World Culture festival in Delhi; Says India has lot to give to world

11 March, New Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said India has a lot to offer to the world through its cultural legacy.

Addressing a huge gathering at three day world cultural festival in New Delhi , Modi said the country is linked to the global community not just by economy but also by culture.

Highlighting the importance of India’s spiritual power, the Prime Minister said the soft power has a great role in international relations. He said people must be proud of country’s cultural heritage adding that if they speak ill of their culture, no body will look at India.

Modi also congratulated spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar, the organizer of the event, for spreading the country’s culture across the world.

Speaking on the occasion, Sri Sri Ravishankar spirituality binds people across the globe. He said people from so many countries have gathered to send a message that they are one world family.

Earlier, the three day festival began with the cultural performance by the 1800 artists.

About 35 lakh people from across the globe including 36 thousand artists are expected to participate in the mega cultural extravaganza.

The event has attracted criticism from environment activists for alleged damage to fragile biodiversity of Yamuna river.

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