PM Modi Is A Very Good Friend To Nepal : Deputy PM Bam Dev Gautam

28 April, Kathmandu

Nepal Deputy Prime Minister Bam Dev Gautam on Tuesday described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a ‘good friend’ of Nepal, adding that Kathmandu would be looking at him to help the country move forward after the devastation of the recent earthquake.

“Prime Minister Modi is a very good friend to Nepal. We have a very good relationship and after taking office, he gave us the hope that we will also move forward, reaping benefits of India’s development. He assured us that he would help Nepal develop, and now, we are looking at him to help us move forward from this crisis,” Gautam said.

The Nepal Deputy Prime Minister also hailed the assistance given by India during relief work, appealing to people across the world to help his country rebuild itself.

“We have made a lot of requests from India and India has fulfilled each one of them. We would require assistance in the future as well. We have crossed the stage of borrowing and have entered the stage of relief. After this, we will require crores of rupees as we enter the stage of rebuilding and reconstruction, for which, we appeal to the Nepali people and their friends across the world to help us achieve this,” he said.

“We are certain that our friends will help us move beyond difficulties. There are many challenges ahead of us but we are certain that with the help of our friends, we will be able to successfully move ahead,” he added.

India is doing everything possible to maximise the relief and minimise the tribulations faced by people of the neighbouring nation.

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