PM Modi Proposes BRICS Football Meet

09 July, Ufa( Russia)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday proposed a BRICS sports council with football meets, and suggested that the first football event could be held in India, which is to host the next summit.

Addressing the BRICS plenary session here, Modi also proposed setting up an agriculture research centre.

“A BRICS sports council should be established. Football meets should be organised. India could host a football event next year,” Modi said.

“I have good fortune of welcoming you to the BRICS summit in India next year and invite you all and look forward to it,” Modi said.

He said all decisions in BRICS should be taken on the basis of consensus, collaboration and cooperation, and that it is “essential that all should observe international rules”.

He stressed the challenges posed by climate change should be collectively met.

The prime minister also suggested that the New Development Bank should fund a major renewable energy project.

He stressed the need for reform of the United Nations Security Council.

On terrorism, he said concerted action was needed to combat terrorism and extremism.

“I would like to see the first major project funded by the New Development Bank to be in the area of clean energy,” he said.

Modi also proposed an annual BRICS trade fair, and said India could host the first such event.

He also proposed BRICS cooperation in film festivals and film awards, which he said would boost filmmaking and people-to-people connect.

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