PM Modi seeks to expose Congress-Communists bonhomie

15 February, Agartala


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that the communists-led dispensation in Tripura could get away with their political violence and policy of intimidating the voters in the past just because a ‘friendly’ Congress regime ruled in the centre.

Addressing a mega election rally on the penultimate day of campaigning, Mr Modi described the Congress and the CPI-M as “same” and said, “…..tum par unka kripa rahithi thi”.

“Your game went on unabated because Congress was in the centre and it was sympathetic to you,” Mr Modi said amid thundering applause from the gathering. He alleged the Leftists used to support the Congress government and as ‘bargain’ – they could “continue with the violent politics in Tripura”.

“Now these two parties are staging a drama of fighting elections against each other….People of Agartala are well aware of the fact that the Congress and the CPI-M are friends in Delhi and they indulge in friendly fight against each other in the state,” he said.

Prime Minister said both the parties are ‘same’ but are contesting the elections as different entities as they both want to help each other. “No big leader from Congress party campaigned in Tripura this year,” he said adding because there has been a deal between them.

Notably, Mr Modi’s remarks come just hours before Congress chief Rahul Gandhi is expected to visit Kailashahar town and address an election rally on the last day of campaign – on Friday.

Prime Minister Modi also had campaigned at Kailashahar during his visit on February 8.

The Tripura pradesh Congress chief Birajit Sinha is the sitting MLA and is seeking re-election from the constituency which has about 20,000 Muslim population. Mr Sinha is locked in a triangular contest against CPI (M) nominee Mohaswar Ali and BJP candidate Nitish Dey, also a former Marxist leader.

In 2013, Birajit Sinha had won the key seat by a slender margin of 485 votes against CPI (M) candidate Mohaswar Ali.

In several other constituencies in the poll-bound Tripura, political observers say the Congress party which has suffered huge desertion among its rank and file to the BJP camp, can in the ultimate help the communist candidates in the event the anti-Left votes get divided between BJP and Congress nominees.

Mr Modi pointed out that in West Bengal, the Left and the Congress had contested the 2016 assembly elections together and prior to that both sides had joined hands to run the UPA-I headed by Dr Manmohan Singh. Prime Minister said while the Congress has been an expert in ‘corruption’, the Leftists have been displaying their expertise in both corruption and in political violence. Therefore, he urged the voters to “change the fate of Tripura” – people should decisively vote for a BJP government which will command an absolute majority. “I know, you all have already decided to change the government, but the mandate should be decisive,” he said.

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