Politics in development of poor is totally unacceptable: PM

02 January, Lucknow

Prime minister Narendra Modi has said that politics between parties is acceptable but politics in the development matters of poor and common people is totally unacceptable.

Addressing a rally in Lucknow Monday, he said that the state government here is very biased and partisan towards development as it does not accept the proposals from BJP MPs.

He praised the farmers of UP and country to toil hard to make huge production of rice and pulses but UP government has no interest in buying their produces.

Admiring huge gathering in the rally , he said that now it is evident that people want a change in UP as they’re fed up with hooliganism, loot, atrocities against women and poor and land grabbing .

PM said that BJP wants to bring such a change which may provide much needed relief to the people who have been deprived in all these years and BJP doesn’t want to grab the power for the sake of power grabbing.

Without referring to Mayawati, PM said that we have developed a powerful App with name of Bhim, to easily transact the money and it was a gesture to pay our respects to Baba Saheb Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar, who was not only a great law expert but also a great economist, but some persons are unable to digest our move.

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