President cautions fewer job opportunities for Indians abroad

05 July,Bengaluru

President Pranab Mukherjee Wednesday cautionedthe youth of the Nation that going forward job opportunities abroadwould become fewer in view of the creeping protectionism tendencies.

Delivering the Convocation address at the Indian Institute ofScience (IISc) here, he said currently only two countries wererestricting the entry of Indian talent and in future their(countries) number will increase.

Deviating from the Convocation address, Mukherjee highlightedthe need for enhancing basic and fundamental research in the countryand also underscored the requirement of upskilling the huge Indianyouth population so that the country could take demographicdividend.

”50 per cent of the Indian population would be under 27 by 2030and the country should reap demographic dividend by taking propersteps and actions to skill them in a swift pace, else they will berendered demographic liabilities” he added.

He said ”if we do not provide the necessary inputs to improvethe skills and employability, there will be an explosive situationin the country”.

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