Royal couple visit Taj Mahal; photo shoot on famous Diana bench

16 April, Agra

Prince William and Kate Middleton, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the Monument of Love Taj Mahal and was impressed with the grandeur of the 17th century monument.

The couple accompanied with a guide of the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) visited the monument and had a glimpse of the tomb of Mumtaz Begum. The royal couple was in the Taj for around one hour and Prince William even wrote his comment in the visitors book like his mother Diana did.

During the visit, Prince William was showing curiosity on the history and other details of the monument. The couple also had their photo clicked sitting at a marble bench in front of the Taj, called the Diana seat, made famous by a photograph of William’s mother, Lady Diana, 24 years back.

According to the officials, the royal couple entered the Taj from the eastern gate from Amar Vilas hotel at around 1530 hours and returned to their hotel at 1630 hours. Though stringent security measures were in place for the royal visit but the monument of love was open to public as well. However, the public had to face several hardship due to the visit.

Meanwhile, another Royal personalilty, Queen of Malaysia Raja Agpmg Tuanku Haja Haminah also visited the Taj this afternoon before the visit of the British royal couple. The
Z Malaysian queen reached Agra from New Delhi by road along with a team of 17 members and had a glimpse of the Monument at around noon.

Both the Royal families are staying at the Amar Vilas hotel, with the Malaysian queen got the opportunity to stay at the Kohinoor suit while the British couple were accomodated in the VVIP suit.

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