Sandalwood stage protest in support of Kalasa-Banduri water project

13 September,Hubbali

The entire Sandalwood, representing theKannada cinema, came down to the twin-city of Hubbali-Dharwad todayto lend support to the people who have launched a major agitationfor implementation of Kalasa-Banduri canal project to supplydrinking water to parched districts in Bombay-Karnataka region.

The agitation demanding Kalasa-Banduri project, took a curiousturn today, with the galaxy of cine artists making a show ofstrength and solidarity with the farmers and people of the region, today.

The team led by senior actors Shivaraj Kumar and Ravichandran,began after they offered pooja in Mooru Saavira mutt in the presenceof Jagadguru Shri Gurusiddha Rajayogindra Swami.

They started their procession from mutt premises till they reachRani Channamma circle near old bus stand which is the heart of the city.

Talking to newspersons Shivaraj Kumar said that the agitation hasa look of Gokak movement which reminded them of the participation ofdoyen of Kannada cimema, Rajkumar, then. All the cine artists arewith the farmers and they would fight tooth and nail if it is theissue of the farmers, he said.

He said that they have always strong solidarity with the farmerswho are the real backbone of the country.

Noted stars Yash, Punith Rajkumar, Jaggesh, Upendra, B Saroja Devi, Vijay Raghavendra, Pooja Gandhi, Golden star Ganesh, Dr.Jayamala and several others are participating in the agitation.

They declared that their support has been there with the farmersof Naraund and Navanagund also and there will not be anydiscrimination. If necessary they also will visit both the towns toexpress their solidarity with the agitation.

Police had hard time to contain the mob participating inagitation, especially when cine stars took the centre stage.Thousands of people flocked to have direct view of these stars

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