Satyarthi calls for Special Act in Parliament to deal with child sexual abuse and exploitation

26 September, Bhubaneswar


Nobel peace laureate Kailash Satyarthi Tuesday stressed for the enactment of a Special Act in Parliament to deal with the child sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

Addressing a meeting on the 16th day of his Bharat Yatra from here  Satyarthi also demanded to set up special court to adjudicate cases relating to child sexual abuse and exploitation of children. The Noble Laureate said last year 15,000 cases were registered under the POSCO Act in the country.

Out of which only four per cent of the cases ended in conviction six per cent acquitted and 90 per cent of the cases were pending in different courts.

He said in 2015 as many as 96 per cent of the cases were pending and some states would take 10 to 40 years to dispose of the cases. Bharat Yatra-, a walk covering 11,000 KM across 22 states and union territories through seven routes was flagged from Kanyakumari on September 11 last and is scheduled to culminated on October 16 next at Delhi.

The Bhrat yatra is an effort to mobilize action against the crime by engaging with policy makers, implementers, teachers, local leaders, women groups, law enforcement personnel, media, and business leaders, Satyarthi said . He appealed to parents, teachers, religious gurus and youths to take a pledge not to remain silent and fought against the sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking of children and to socially boycott the perpetrators of the crime. In India the children are sold like animals, the Nobel peace laureate said .

As per a report as many as eight children are sold in the country every hour. While a buffalo is sold for Rs two lakh, a girl is sold for Rs 20,000. It is a matter of shame and he said he would not rest till such heinous crimes are stopped.

He said most of the sexual abuse of children are committed by close relatives. But the children could not muster up enough courage to talk about it to their parents. Sometimes instead of taking action against the perpetrators of the crime , the parents prefer to remain silent for family honour and shame.

Satyathi appealed to the parents to give time to their children and shun their fear and fought against child sexual abuse.

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