SC To Start Hearing On Crucial NJAC Act Today

15 April, New Delhi

A Constitution bench of the Supreme Court will commence the hearing on the National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) Act today Wednesday , two days after the government notified this law which replaced existing Collegium system on appointment of Judges in higher judiciary.

The bench will examine the validity of the new measure. A three-judge bench of the apex court had on the 7th of this month referred to a five-judge Constitution Bench, the batch of petitions challenging the validity of NJAC Act to replace the two-decade-old collegium system.

Under the old collegium system, five top judges of the apex court recommend transfer and elevation of judges to Supreme Court and 24 High Courts. NJAC was signed into an Act by President Pranab Mukherjee on 31st of December last year.

According to the new act, two eminent persons will be nominated to the Commission as members by the committee consisting of the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice of India and the Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha or the leader of single largest Opposition party.

The eminent persons will be nominated for a period of three years and will not be eligible for renomination. The NJAC will be headed by the Chief Justice of India.

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