US attaches new conditions to pledged military aid of 255 million US dollars to Pakistan

01 September, Washington


The US administration has held back previously promised military aid of 255 million US dollars to Pakistan by attaching new conditions. The State Department said in a statement that the Department notified Congress on Wednesday of its intent to obligate 255 million US dollars in financial year 2016 Foreign Military Financing (FMF) for Pakistan.

State Department also said that it is putting the entire amount into an escrow account that Pakistan could access only if it did more to eradicate alleged terrorist safe havens in the tribal areas and stopped cross-border attacks in Afghanistan.

Consistent with its new South Asia strategy, the decision allows Washington the flexibility to continue reviewing its level of cooperation with Pakistan prior to committing new security assistance resources to projects in Pakistan said the statement.

The FMF provides grants and loans to help countries purchase US weapons and defence equipment and for acquiring defence services and military training in the United States.

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