US President Obama leaves for Soudi Arabia concluding 3 day India visit, thanks Modi

obama leve

27 Jan, New Delhi ,
US Presidente Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama depated departed from India for Saudi Arabiaa on Tuesday afternoon after wrapping up a historic three day visit thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian people for the warm welcome .
Obama will meet King Salman, who ascended the throne after King Abdullah’s death last week. The US President had earlier cancelled his trip to Agra to visit Taj Mahal after King Abdullah passed away.
The US president went straight to Plalam Air Force base from Siri Fort auditorium in Delhi after addressing young people including students as his last engagement before winding up his historic visit.
They were seen off by Minister of State for Power , Coal , New and Renewable Energy and Minister –in-Waiting Piyush Goyal and Foreign Secretary Sujata Singh , besides other India and US officials based in Delhi.
The Obama couple waived to see them off with yet another “Namaste” with folded hands as the doors of the “Air Force One” closed and it was airborne.
Immediately after the “Air Force One” took off, President Obama thanked Modi and the Indian people, through a White House twitter , for making his three-day visit to India “memorable”.
“Thank you @Naarendra Modi for a memorable visit and to the Indian people for heir warm welcome”, the officiala twitter account of the White House posted.
In his address at Siri Fort auditorium in Delhi , Obama said that his country can be India’s best partner and the relationship can be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century.
Obama cautioned that the two countries have to guard against any efforts to divide them on sectarian lines.” India will succeed as long as it’s not splintered along religious lines”, he said.
Making a strong pitch for religious tolerance, he said every person has the right to practice his faith without any persecution. He also cited Article 25 of the Indian Constitution dealing with the Right to Freedom of Religion.
He welcomed India’s ambitious targets to meet cleaner energy needs. He said the US is ready to help India in the effort.
He said America will support India’s inclusion as a permanent member in the UN Security Council.

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