US Presidential polls: Trump sweeps five north eastern states, Clinton wins three

27 April, Washington

In the United States, Republican candidate Donald Trump has won the Presidential primary elections in five states while, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton emerged victorious in three states. Donald Trump has secured Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Now, with this win, Trump’s chances of securing the Republican nomination before the party’s convention in July. But he would still fall a few hundred delegates short of the magical 1237 delegates required to bag the Republican presidential nomination. Real estate tycoon Trump’s victory is not a big surprise, as most recent polls had shown him holding big leads in the states.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton emerged victorious in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware. In Connecticut, Clinton was facing a tough challenge from her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders and he has won Rhodes Island.

However, Clinton win gives a blow to Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, whose hopes of winning the Democratic nomination continue to fade. The wins in the three states also takes former Secretary of States Clintion closer to earning the Democratic Presidential nomination, though she is still short of the required 2383 delegates.

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