Venkaiah Naidu Blames Congress For Rajya Sabha Paralysis

23 December, New Delhi

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu today accused Congress of using its numbers in the Rajya Sabha to paralyze the functioning of the House. He backed the talks for redefining the role of the Rajya Sabha in view of disruptions.

Briefing reporters in New Delhi, Naidu said the country is disappointed with the functioning of Parliament and charged the Congress with cheating the people by not allowing the government to do legislative business during the Winter Session.

The Minister said, in this session, the Lok Sabha passed 14 Bills registering 104 per cent productivity while the Rajya Sabha passed only nine bills witnessing 46 per cent productivity.

Naidu added that the Congress was looking for lame excuses to paralyse Parliament on a day to day basis and accused the opposition party of being intolerant towards the mandate of the people given to NDA government.

He also alleged that Congress does not want Prime Minister Narendra Modi to succeed because he will be a threat to the opposition party in future.

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