Videocon Telecom ventures into E-KYC business

20 July, New Delhi

Diversifying to a new vertical, Videocon telecommunications Limited(VTL) today announced its entry into E-KYC business in the country to provide Aadhaar based digitalisation of services to its customers.

Speaking on the occasion about new business here, VTL Director and Chief Executive OfficerArvind Bali said the company has got Authentication Service Agency (ASA) and Authentication Users Agency (AUA) licenses for Aadhaar based validation and the commercial launch of E-KYC will kick off from September 01, 2017.

VTL is among the 27 corporate players who have got ASA license for Aadhaar based digitalization of E-KYC services in the country.

“VTL has pan India presence with all the required infrastructure, latest technology and skilled manpower for successful launch of E-KYC services in all the 60 major cities across the country. The ultra modern technological set up is our USP that will differentiate us as service provider vis a vis to the competitors,” Bali claimed.

He said, VTL’s E-KYC vertical eyes to digitize all key sectors like Finance, Insurance, Hospitality, Education, Health besides validation of eKYC in Flight ticketing. Airports entry points, Tax returns to ensure transparency. The company also aims Government organizations to have Aadhaar based attendance at highly sensitive places without any chance of duplication of identity.

The company targets to do about Rs 100 crore business from the new vertical in the first year of its operation.

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